Episode 002

Crazy '88 Print (A2)


After a series of choices, the Local Group find themselves in a confronting situation that makes them question where they are going. What they don't realise is that their problems are about to move to a completely different dimension.



Printed on 310gsm Canson Photographique

The highest quality paper and inks giving the most vivid colors for years and years. It’s museum & gallery grade. As good as it comes kiddo.

All printing is done by Benemac. A local photographer who prints from his little apartment in Abbotsford. #supportlocal




Whitney Houston got it right when she said [the] children are our future. But what happens when a son’s future is jeopardised by the ghosts of his parent’s past?

Gordy Coleman has disappeared and his family is in a race against time to find him - only they don’t know it yet - and the key to locating him lies in dark truths buried beneath the white lies which they’ve told their son about themselves.

Gordy’s mum thinks that the only way to keep him safe is to keep him ignorant, but just like Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince told us - parents just don’t get it!

A closer look

Designer notes

We wanted to explore the idea of balance on the front graphic, with its iconic form and simplicity we wanted to portray Adam Monster with a modern nostaglic twist, gathering inspiration from symbolic marks we grew with.

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